Interview with River City Star, Libby McArthur:  I worked with a guy called Tom Higgins, a personal trainer who has one of the most holistic approaches to exercise I’ve ever come across.  My resistance to anything like that was massive. I’m the last person you’ll see in a gym, and I have a huge judgement on that. I’d rather walk my dog in the park.  Yet, with Tom, the exercise became something sweet and gentle – an awareness about physical strength. It was almost like meditation. We’d do weights without actually doing weights. It’s about using your imagination – and that’s the strongest muscle I have.”
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Michael – college lecturer:  “I’m still working away at the training, playing football once aweek and doing a bodypump class at least once a week. I’m back into a size 32 trouser, before your advice I was about to buy a size 36, so I’m delighted that your words have made a difference.”

Couple from Clydebank:  “On the couch we used to sit, TV on, we were in a pit.  But now we tighten up our core, the weights are heavy the cardio more. So thanks to Tom & FitFitFit.”

Carolanne – Glasgow:  I’d like to leave a testimonial if that’s ok? after all, without your guidance, I would never have become so focused on fitness, done the gym instructors course, and currently be a fitness instructor.”

Lynn & her personal trainer – Glasgow:  “We really enjoyed your massage.  Muscles felt amazing in training. Definitely up for another in few weeks.”

Donna – Glasgow:  “Tom, I felt great after massage. No headache next day. I went for a run and muscles all nice & relaxed”