Recovery is not only about how quickly your heart rate returns to normal after activity.  It’s also about making time to rest & recuperate fully between activity sessions.  Not to mention taking a break from whatever the world throws at you, so you can help maintain or improve your ability to be in the
best of health.Massage in your own home

One of the most valuable forms of recovery can be a relaxing or an invigorating massage. In modern times it’s not just for the elite athlete or high flyers. It has become much more mainstream & accessible.
As part of both physical health & mental wellbeing in the workplace, massage is accepted as a genuinely credible ‘de-stressing at work’ norm for the corporate world.

Your massage could be lying or seated, general or more specific for particular problem areas. E.g. neck & shoulders, back, legs, etc.
However, you don’t need to be injured or have an ache to benefit & enjoy some pampering.

The massage can be clothed without oils or unclothed using aromatherapy essential oils.

Currently I offer the following options:-
Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish, Sports, Indian Head Massage,
Seated Acupressure, Hot Stone Massage & Reiki.
Or treat yourself to the Ultimate in pampering – a combination of some of the above!