Fit Fit Fit LogoWelcome to Fit Fit Fit with Tom Higgins.

My aim is to promote Health, Fitness & Happiness by offering 3 services all in the privacy of your home or workplace.

Tom Higgins
Tom Higgins – Fit Fit Fit

By offering my services on a mobile basis, I hope to remove some of the obstacles which may prevent clients from committing to their health & fitness goals, whilst providing 1st class service at all times.

Activity, Recovery & Nutrition, ideally should be in balance; this is emphasised throughout all consultations.
This holistic approach encourages
positive results more effectively.

Regardless of your choice from my 3 services, it’s vital that you complete my Pre Activity, Recovery, Nutrition Questionnaire (PARNQ).
It’s very thorough & your answers will help determine your
previous & current health status & clarify your start point & goals.
In addition, I offer basic health checks:-

Checking blood pressure of client.
Checking blood pressure of client.

All of which combined give an assessment of lifestyle, which in turn helps to confirm any focus points of importance.

Whether your booking with me is a one off gift you’ve received or the beginning of a block of sessions to change your
life, you’ll receive the very best of care & service throughout.


Summer gala days & sporting events…

If you know of any local community event that might benefit from my services, please let me know. Thanks.


If you have a bicycle & are interested in getting it serviced whilst contributing to a worthy charity take a look at…

The Commonwheel website